Motorcycle Ponytail Cover

Keep your long hair clean, away form your face and tangle free when you ride.  With the Wrapter Ponytail Holder you can wrap up your hair quickly.  One size secures and protects any length or thickness of ponytail. Works with all motorcycle helmets.  Easy to use, You push your ponytail end or braid end into the Wrapter and roll it up and over your hair band.





 How to Use:

Directions: Starting with a very tight ponytail, (recommend tying your ponytail with 2 elastic hair bands to ensure a strong tight fit and prevent any slipping.) Twist your ponytail tightly in the form of a rope or make a simple braid. Push the tail end through the rolled up Wrapter(TM). While holding the tail end and the bottom of the Wrapter(TM), roll up to the base of the braid/ponytail. The Wrapter(TM) will fit securely with the excess rolled material rolled up and over your elastic tie(s) that is securing the ponytail. Other similar but more time-consuming products are impossible to put on without help, are less reliable and more painful to use.
Wrapter(TM) is designed to fit all lengths and thickness of ponytails. Since hair varies, some may find the Wrapter(TM) is too tight at first. That is just because it is new and needs to be broken in a little. Others may feel their ponytail is too thin to hold the Wrapter(TM) in place. In this case, we recommend using an additional elastic hair band after the Wrapter(TM) is in place, just under the excess rolled up material to ensure a tight fit.