Law firms are like any other kind of business in that they always want to have the best candidates for the job. The problem with recruiting for this type of industry is that there are never slow times for lawyers which means finding new attorney’s and business partners is tough. Luckily, there are ways to correct this issue, and it starts with hiring out for a legal recruiter. These are professionals that have one sole purpose, and that is to find you the best employees, possible. It may seem easy, and like a quick process to complete, however, there are many different dimensions that a recruiter must go through and weave in and out of, to get the job done. We have put together a great resource to convince you that becoming a legal recruiter is the best job, for you.

Break it Down

First and foremost, salary and compensation is probably your first concern. When it comes to legal recruiting, pay is mostly commission based, but the percentages vary from firm to firm. Like any commission paying job, the more significant and better your confidence and success levels are, the bigger and better your paychecks will be. You can look at it as a snowball effect – the more successful you are in recruiting candidates for a law firm, the more confident you will be in your abilities. Therefore, your moral will be given a boost time and time again.

Second, this type of job is very flexible and allows you to still have a life outside of your career to enjoy time with your friends and family. What could be better than paying your bills on time and also being able to play a round of golf after work or enjoying a nice Italian dinner with your friends? Nothing. Legal recruiting gives you that ability and then some. The best part is the fact that you may technically work for legal recruiters, but you don’t have to worry about the stress of long hours due to court hearings, judge meetings or too much paperwork regarding a case. You just have to find the people willing to do that kind of work, so you don’t have to.

Third, a lot of firms will encourage joint recruiting, which is better for you because if you are having issues signing a new client, you may have a co-worker that can help you nail the deal. You would split the commission, and it eliminates workplace stress and animosity between you and someone else who may be approaching the same client.



These are just a few reasons why becoming a legal recruiter can do wonders for your resume It is a satisfying job that can make you feel so great about placing a candidate in their dream job and watching them thrive in their new careers as well. Legal recruiting is not for everyone but with the right personality and drive; it is a type of job that can shape and mold the person you are and create a professional who is overall a confident and happy individual.