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Description of life insurance and the various types of life insurance

Life insurance refers to the policy taken by an individual that is capable of covering all the property which is then claimed later upon the death of the person. The policy depends on the amount and type that one wishes to choose in accordance with the available needs. It also depends on the gender, age, healthy, medical history and the lifestyle of the specific person. There are different types of life insurance that one can choose from depending with the preference. These types of life insurance cover include the following.

Term life insurance It is one of the types available which is quite affordable with a fixed amount of insurance for a given period of time. This kind of life insurance is responsible of paying tax-free benefits upon the death of the insurer to the beneficiaries. Also, it offers temporary protection which one can make use of in customizing to meet the changing requirements.

Permanent life insurance. This type of life insurance is also referred to as whole life insurance policy. It is termed whole life policy since it aims at covering the individual for the rest of the life.Their costs are set to remain same since the time one has enrolled and agreed to its terms and policy. However, some permanent life insurers may consider an individual to pay for the policy up to a certain period of time as a limited means and then stop for the rest of the life. Hence, it is a suitable mean of insuring own needs.

Participating life insurance policy. This kind of policy is a type of the whole life insurance but with a slight difference in the sense that it receives eligible divided after a specific period of time while operating All the premiums and the total coverage chosen is usually guaranteed for the whole life. Divided given by this type of life insurance can be used to buy more coverage as well as a good means of reducing the annual premium cost. They also help in earning interest inside the plan. However, these divided are not guaranteed at all times.

Universal life insurance This one of the flexible policy which is a type of whole life insurance cover which has a combination of the protection and savings. Normally, one chooses a guaranteed death benefit which is to be given to the beneficiaries upon the death of the individual. always, all forms of payment made adds interest on the tax preferred. Therefore, a more effective means for covering own self. All the above form means are the commonly found types of life insurance which are found today and they all depend on the individual preference or taste.