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Workers compensation law and long term disability

Accidents are bound to happen at work and when they do they can cause injuries that render the workers disabled temporarily or permanently. Then what becomes of the worker that has gone through such kind of an incident? How do they put food on the table and pay the bills? Sometimes the injury might require ongoing medical care which is an added expense to the worker. All these factors are what led to the inception of the work compensation injury law New Brunswick This is the legislation that provides that every worker that gets work related injuries or disabilities be compensated for them.

What is workers’ compensation insurance?

This is insurance that is provided by the employer to compensate the workers when they get injuries that are work related. However there are certain conditions that can make the worker not to receive the compensation. If they got Personal Injury when intoxicated by alcohol or any other drugs then the compensation cannot be given. Also, it is not given if the worker had the intention to injure themselves or other people that they work with. With that in mind, the amount to be paid is not determined by fault. Both the worker and the employer are considered to be at no fault for the accident to occur. Workers’ compensation insurance is paid for entirely by the employer and the employees do not contribute. When an accident occurs then the employee is given cash benefits to compensate for the lost wages and medical care is also taken care of.

What happens if one becomes disabled?

If you get disabled due to the work related injury or illness and you are not able to resume work soon or forever then you are eligible for the long term disability benefits from your workers’ compensation. This usually lasts anywhere from two to seven years. This kind of compensation is meant to give you some income at the end of the month so you have something to take care of the bills. It is also meant to compensate for the reduced income that will be as a result of your disability. To determine how long can receive the benefits, the disability rating is done and a number assigned to the disability incurred. When the disability rating is very high then it means you will not be able to resume your normalcy for a very long time and therefore the compensation is for a longer period. If the rating is low meaning you will be able to resume normalcy or close to normalcy in a short while, then the duration of the benefits is lowered.

What if there is a dispute?

If the cause of the injury is disputed, then a workers’ compensation law judge decides the case Joe Cantini and until the case is decided only some disability benefits will be given to the person.