Pros and Cons of Online Pawnshops

With economies becoming more digital, most aspects of financial transactions have followed suit. For quick cash for short term financingonline pawnshops may be your answer. It is, therefore, important to understand the benefits and disadvantages of this type of cash advances. Although it may be a safe bet, there is still a lot at risk.  


What is Pawning? 

Pawning refers to directly exchanging valuable personal items for a cash loan. This is for a contractual period with a pawnbroker, who holds the item until the loan, plus agreed interest, is repaid. The item is then returned to the original owner. If that is not possible, the pawnbroker can rightfully sell the item to another buyer coming to their shop, at whatever price they agree on. 


Pawnbroking has been going on for centuries, initially between individuals, but in time, shops for this business category were opened in many countries. Pawnshops hold many types of items that include clothes, electronics, tools, artefacts, and jewellery, among others.  


With the growth of the internet and digitization, the local pawnshops have embraced e-commerce by taking their businesses online.  


Pros of Using Online Pawnshops 

Online pawnshops seek to change the image of local pawnbrokers that are perceived to exploit poorer people who have hit hard times, by not giving them value for their valuables. They do this by attracting a middleclass clientele that is hard hit economically and needs larger loans to meet their financial obligations. This clientele will usually have better ability to repay their loans. Their pawned items will also fetch higher profits in case they default with payment. 


With online pawnshops, there is discretion as the transactions are electronic. You will get the required loans without your business being out there in the public, risking your reputation.  


Short term financing through on-line pawnshops is also beneficial as credit bureaus do not regulate pawnbrokers. As a borrower, you protect your credit ratings. You can achieve your objectives without digging yourself deeper into financial ruin. 


The interest rates are relatively lower than if you were to take a loan from a formal institution such as a bank. 


You can get cash as soon as you deliver the item to the broker. No waiting, no delays. 


They offer bargains at affordable prices. 


Cons of Using Online Pawnshops 

Although the interest rates are relatively low, they are still quite high. If you do not repay the loan in time, any extended time is also charged additional fees or interest. This cycle of debt can become predatory, leaving you worse off than before, and unable to repay the loan itself. 


No collateral except for the item you consider valuable is left with the broker. If you do not repay the loan in the agreed time, you lose the item. This increases your risk as it is not a win-win situation, with the highinterest rates. The pawnbroker always wins if the debt is unpaid, or is paid over a longer period than that which was initially agreed upon.  


You can only borrow so much from the pawnshops as they will usually give cash that is less the value of your item. Do not risk your most valuable possessions by pawning them. 



Online pawnshops are part of the new e-commerce industry. They target a more middleclass clientele who can get bigger loans and is better able to repay their debt. Even though, they also charge fees and extra interest when the loan is not repaid on time, and you can lose personal valuable items. The risk on you as the borrower is quite high, despite your credit score not being affected. If you need a loan from an online pawnshop, consider the reasons for that, and if there are other less-riskier alternatives.   

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How to save money from paycheck effectively as a beginner

Sometimes, planning how to save money from paycheck can be difficult and stressing. There are things which happens unexpected, which requires money which you might have planned to save and you are left with no option but to incur the expenses.  This is the main reason why you need to learn how to save money from paycheck, go through every guideline and program, so that you can understand how everything works. With sufficient knowledge and skills on saving money from paychecks loans by Cashmax, you will be able to understand how to handle unexpected occurrences, which most the time are uncontrollable. In such cases, most saving specialists helps you to recover the money which you might have saved, by giving appropriate strategies on how to do so. For example, you can limit the next month’s expenditure, so that you can be able to save the amount which you were unable to during the previous month. You should be able to differentiate between a need and want so that you can be able to understand the real meaning of saving. You cannot be buying everything you can come across and admire. You should be able to control the effects of impulse buying, because those are just wanting desires, which can easily be controlled. You should only focus on the basic needs, by ensuring that you have everything you need for survival. Secondary wants can wait until you gather enough capital to purchase them. The following points shows how to save money from paycheck effectively as a beginner; 

  • Proper planning– you should be able to set reasonable plan of how you are going to start saving the money from your salary. You should consider on all necessary needs to be catered for every month and decide on how much you can easily afford to save. Some people end up making the wrong saving decisions because they consider their huge and unnecessary expenses just before setting the amount, they will be able to save. After considering the maximum amount you will be spending on basic needs, you should not be convinced otherwise to spend the percentage to be saved on buying secondary needs which are not necessary. 
  • Research– you should not fail to save the paycheck money just because you don’t have knowledge on how to. Through the ever-growing technology, research from the internet and also from other learning tools, especially from the library, on the best saving strategies. You should set sufficient time for your research so that you capture every detail be discussed about. Through proper research, you will be able to gather all the basic paycheck money saving skills and act accordingly. 
  • Consult from the specialists– there are many motivational speakers and other well-established saving specialists, whose aim is to help you have all the technical and nontechnical saving skills at the market. You should seek help from these specialists, so that you don’t end up making wrong saving decisions.  

You can also seek help from your family and friends who are well experienced in paycheck money savings.